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 +======= Torpedo Live Error List =======
 +This page lists the error that can occur in the firmware of the Torpedo Live. You can refer to the following table to learn more about an error, and, in some case, how to solve the issue. If you need further assistance, please contact us through the [[http://​|Two notes Help Desk]].
 +This page is a work in progress. If you get an error that is not described here, please let us know through the [[http://​|Two notes Help Desk]].
 +|<100% 10% 90%>|
 +^ Error # ^ Description |
 +| 24.0 | Boot error. See [[http://​​knowledgebase.php?​article=304|this article]] for more details. |
 +| 67.0 | Memory corruption error. See [[http://​​knowledgebase.php?​article=240|this article]] for more details. |
 +| 111.255 | Communication error with the DSP, usually linked to a hardware fault. |
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