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 ==== - Cabinet choice ==== ==== - Cabinet choice ====
 +{{::​torpedo_captor_x:​cabinet_rack.jpg?​300px }} 
 To create a preset, first select a cabinet. To create a preset, first select a cabinet.
 +Click on the blue screen or the arrow to access the list of cabinets in your Torpedo Captor X.
 ==== - Microphone choice ==== ==== - Microphone choice ====
 +Any Two notes Virtual Cabinets comes with a dedicated collection of 8 microphones. ​
 === - Positioning === === - Positioning ===
-=== - Mic A / Mic B === 
 +{{::​torpedo_captor_x:​mic_position.jpg?​200px }} 
 +You can move the microphones anywhere in the trapezoid highlighted area, in front or at the back of the cabinet. Select Mic A or Mic B with th the switch and move the microphone with your mouse (when using a computer) or your finger (when using a mobile device) by pressing on the mic or the mic stand.
 +=== - Mic A / Mic B ===
 +{{::​torpedo_captor_x:​mic_a.jpg?​200px }}
 +For each microphone, you have the same settings: the fader to set the volume level, front/back switch to place the mic in front or at the back of the cabinet,​Bypass button to send an unprocessed signal(B), Mute button (B), Phase button, Distance and Axis knob to position the mic.
 ==== - Shaping your tone ==== ==== - Shaping your tone ====
 === - Noise gate === === - Noise gate ===
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